Regardless of Authority

There’s a new online publication seeking art, photography, poetry, and the occasional very short flash fiction piece.  The inaugural issue will go live in June, so you have plenty of time to get your submission together.  Check out the link below and submit to

Click here for Regardless of Authority

About Regardless of Authority:

We live in a world of vast contradictions. All of our lives we are told to push beyond the borders of our own little world to see what can exist outside the imaginations of those who came before us, yet when we do this, we are often met with great resistance.

Throughout time, art and poetry has emblazoned new trails and shocked society by delivering images and turns of phrase that the general population never dreamed could exist. These artists and writers were often shoved to the periphery of their communities and labeled with such tags as lunatic or eccentric.

Many years ago we discovered that art moves where it wants to regardless of authority. No government, no military sanction, no religion can stifle your creativity. They cannot stop creation. They can do their best to sweep it under the rug, burn it, and raise Cain about it, but they can’t stop it from happening. This is the inherent beauty of art and poetry. It is its own revolution that happens over and over again.

Here at Regardless Of Authority we applaud those that have the guts to create what needs to be seen and heard despite the pressures to conform to rules, and our goal is to bring the public that art which serves no boundaries to society, government or religion. If your work speaks to this, we will consider it.

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I think this guy failed his breathalyzer..

Youtube Video Here

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Tumblr up and running.  As if I didn’t have enough to keep up with; I’ve decided to fool around with other mediums.  Which is the main reason for the creation of my Tumblr account.  The day I wrote the technology rant I was pissed off at this WordPress thing.  I was tired of how clunky it can be at peak times.  In trying out other sites, I’ve found Tumblr is the perfect place to post poems, quotes, art, photography, and other artsy fartsy crap to satiate my creative needs.  At this time I only have photography up, but hey, it’s something.  Here’s the link if anyone is interested…  Tumblr 

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Slave to Technology Rant



That damn spinning circle drives me nuts.  Especially when I am trying to log in to my WordPress.  What does the server have to think about??!!  I enter my login information, and blamo, I should have access to my blog..  Right?  Apparently things aren’t quite that simple.  I’m not sure why I have so many damn problems, perhaps I am trying to do too much with free blog hosting.  My girlfriend seems to get her blogs up and running no problem, yet her flash fiction publication can be finicky.  Oh hell, what am I saying?  Her flash fiction publication can be more than finicky, it can be a fuckin’ nightmare.  Trying to rationalize when, why, and how WordPress operates is enough to make a man gouge out his eyes with a melon baller for sure.  As I sit here, pissed off, not knowing when or if this post will ever make it to my page, I am tinkering with other blog hosting sites.  Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly, to name a few.  It’s apparent why so many people allow themselves to be tortured by this merciless dominatrix of a blog hosting site; When WordPress works, it is the most user friendly for the daily blogger that needs a plethora of free options.  It allows people of all walks of life to blog in style.  But I personally am a minimalist.  I don’t need anything fancy, just an outlet, and a resource where people can find my work.  Over the next couple weeks I’ll be maintaining and posting on several different blog hosting sites.  I realize in the end I’ll probably wind up back here, with all widgets and what nots, but at least I’ll know the grass isn’t greener elsewhere.  Or perhaps I’ll continue to run multiple blogs; one for photos, poetry, and one for everything else.  But do I really need multiple blogs?

I wouldn’t have this problem if I wasn’t a slave to technology; lost my ability to appreciate human interaction face to face.  Does a person really need a computer, a smartphone, and a tablet?  How ’bout a Facebook, Myspace, and a Twitter?  Of course if you have social media, do you really need a WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger?  I have a Gmail account, but do I need multiple emails, maybe one with Yahoo?  A couple of years ago I could have honestly answered no to the above questions.  But not today.  Without hesitation I answer YES.  I need all of the technology I have.  I can rationalize the added costs too.  Thanks to my smartphone I don’t need to buy newspapers, all the news I could ever want, wherever I want it is at my fingertips.  In the produce department, not sure what a pomelo is?  You can look it up on the phone.  Never again do you have to buy something you may not like.  Reviews of blu ray players, grocery lists, spanish speaking apps for trips to Mexico; they’re right there at your fingertips.  I can’t imagine not having that kind of access to information.

I’ll admit, social media is a bit out of hand.  But everyone of them I use for a different purpose.  Facebook helps me keep up with family and friends.  No longer do I receive photos of cousins, nieces, or nephews tucked away in Christmas cards destined to fill up my recycling bin.  I can follow every thing at the click of a button.  Myspace is for music.  The newly revamped Myspace does what it originally promised years ago, before it got out of hand, it connects people with different bands and musicians.  It helped me find a couple bar bands that I hope make it big one day.  Twitter, the easiest way to follow and keep up with celebrities and people who are always on the move.  Now I don’t recommend believing much of what people post as far as news goes on any of these sites.  About 96% of the facts I see while lurking about on Facebook turn out to be incorrect.  More often than not they give you a half truth so you’ll believe a whole lie.  Still, I use social media sites for specific purposes.  Without these sites my life would be drastically different, and definitely more complicated.

Emails these days have taken the place of the postal service in many ways.  They may eventually become a waste of time like the postal service, but they’re still needed even if only created to gain access to sites like Facebook.  I personally benefit from having more than one;  a primary account and one to use a “login account” for the many sites I am on.

As my days grow more and more technology driven.  I can’t help but think back to what is often called “the good old days”; back when we wrote letters, called people on “landlines”,and didn’t watch TV because there was nothing on the 5 channels we had.  I laugh.  Those days are long gone.  Especially for me, I’ve adapted.  A couple of years ago I longed for “a simpler life”.  Well, I’ve found it by embracing technology, and facing my fear of it.

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Fat guy and the fax machine…

Hidden camera catches this fat douche messing up one of the oldest office pranks in the book…

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Lullabies For Jackson: Final Entry by Misti (Velvet) Rainwater-Lites

I read the final entry in Misti (Velvet) Rainwater-Lites collection Lullabies For Jackson…  Lullabies For Jackson

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Dead Flies by Ben John Smith

I read another one of my favorite poems…

Dead Flies

You can check out his site here: Horror Sleaze Trash

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Fuck Cinderella by Diana May-Waldman

I read one of my favorite poems.. Fuck Cinderella by Diana May-Waldman…

Fuck Cinderella 

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My Favorite Online Dating Sites….

Last night on the “Nothing to Lose” blog talk radio show one of my co-hosts, Brian Fugett, suggested we join an online dating site. Not as a couple or anything, but as individuals. Do an experiment, see what happens. Perhaps one of use could lure the opposite or same sex into some arousing sticky-cyber adventure. If nothing else it would give us something to talk about on our next show, and the one after that, and the one after that.

Though the idea sounded great last night, I must admit, this morning I had my doubts. I thought of the poor sap using one of these dating sites to try and pull themselves out of a life of loneliness, cats, and the dreaded chafe from too must masturbation. Could I prey on someone like that? Lie to them? Lure them into a false cyber relationship? It sounds rather cruel, even for me. But, today I researched online dating sites, and have come to the conclusion: No one should be alone. There is a site for everything. You name it, it’s there. How am I supposed to take a dating site like “Mullet Passions” seriously? I ask again. Could I prey on someone like that? Lie to them? Lure them into a false cyber relationship? Well, I guess it would depend on how breathtaking the mullet is. Below you will find a list of some of my favorite sites of the bunch.  Click on the links and they’ll take you right to the site.  Hope you laugh as hard as I did, or in the case that you’ve been looking for a site like one of these; good luck and happy dating!


mullet passions

Mullet Passions: an online site specifically for people with mullets.  Need I say more?




Farmers Only:  Because the livestock needs a break every once in a while.




Women Behind Bars:  Specifically for women locked up.  Not everyone in the penile system needs penis.


vampire passions


Vampire Passions: For those lonely Twilight weirdos out there…


ugly bugly


The Ugly Bug Ball: A site specifically for ugly people.  According to them they have millions of users worldwide.  Why?  Because there’s a lot more of us ugly motherfuckers than there are you cute people.


super harmony


Super Harmony:  Are you a delusional virgin that thinks you’re a superhero?  Then this site is for you.




STD Match:  Share your STD’s with those who already have it.  Probably the only site where you don’t have to worry about being lied tooooooo…


sea captain


Sea Captain Date:  Ahoy matey, I spy a booty call on the port bow.


adult diaper dating


Adult Diaper Dating:  Scat?  Piss? The best of both worlds in a nice contained package.




Can Do Better:  Let users decide who you date.


amish online dating


Amish Dating:  Last but certainly not least.  My favorite.  Ye bonnet can seek ye beard or vice versa.



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you can never un-see this!!!!!!!!!!!


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